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Thrasio Booth & Brand Awareness

Booth Concepts – Environmental Design – Digital Signage – Promotional Design

After launching the rebrand of Thrasio at the end of 2021, the Corporate Marketing Events and Creative teams set out to create a new booth design that would bring the new brand to life at the 2022 Prosper Show. Partnering with Rise Contracting, we provided creative direction on the booth structural concepts and design development. Once we had the structure in place, I was responsible for designing and overseeing the production of the booth graphics and digital signage. The result was a “show stopper”. Driving lots of attendees to the booth as well as creating a buzz around Thrasio's rebranded visual identity.

Graphic Layouts

Booth Renderings

Final Booth

Digital Signage – Coffee Brands

5x7 Card Printed Collateral


Social Promotions

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